What's the main philosophy of pantingo?
As a publishing platform, pantingo wants to create unexpected connections. The name itself is a combination of two animals: a flamingo and a panther. By creating this new word, I give these animals a chance to be together, something that can't happen in real life. I absolutely love printed materials, and how they open up ways of looking at things that you wouldn't have considered before.I draw my inspiration fromthe interconnectedness of all things, frommemories, movies, books and conversations with friends and my real-life heroes.Our books are a tribute to all those things we love, surprising, timeless and fun for the reader.I want to offer people a new way of looking at the world. I just love details and putting a spotlight on things that people otherwise wouldn't notice.

How are Boof Fairs important to your line of work?
For pantingo, book fairs are very important. They allow me to get in direct contact with other book lovers. It's always very inspiring to see how other people react to books. I enjoy seeing them smile when they flip through the pages, or see them bringing a book close to their noses to smell the pages. It's a great place to discover new books, people, to get tips and have fun. pantingo uses these book fairs to do most of its distribution, so it's a perfect way to get your books seen by as many people as possible.

Interview by Silvija Daniunaite on the occasion of WIELS Art Book Fair 2019 (BE)

Tessa De Ceuninck © photo Valerie De Backer